Our Coaches are passionate not only about the sport but genuinely care about the kids with a mentoring approach. There is nothing more rewarding than having the ability to help athletes further develop their dedication and determination through discipline, structure and resiliency while being competitive and respectful towards others not only on the court but off the court!


Coach Billy

Believes practice makes permanent, not perfect. Considering most of our time is spent practicing we must train ourselves to engage at a high level and demand our best effort and focus. Success is temporary, failure is not permanent, and effort determines everything. Finding success in everything that we do is important, so we work on strengths as much as weaknesses and implement corrections of a habit so that it doesn’t deter or carryover to other tasks.

Winning over 300 races in a row and becoming National Motocross Champion, Billy knows how to train and compete. Years of experience in development, certified in Predictive Index, having been trained in Wilson’s Learning and Situation Leadership gives him insight to a player’s natural characteristics and behaviors which enables him to unlock their true potential faster.

 Coach’s love for the sport came from coaching Rec and helping kids develop their skills set.  This development system has helped players achieve great success as they move up through the levels of Rec, Advance and Club. Coach believes all players are extremely coachable and can be guided to be successful by being trained on focus, 14form and effort.  

Coach Billy knows how to develop, train and compete based on his experiences and dedicates to bring focus and fun to not only the game but also as a stepping stone for each girl to carry throughout their lives.

Coach Paty

Coach Paty has worked with children for many years. As a Girl Scout Leader and Product Manager for St Lucie County, she has always guided kids to be their best selves.

Coach has not only grown-up playing volleyball but has been coaching a wide range of age groups into several championships for a few years.   Having currently coached at Forest Grove Middle School, she led one of the teams into the Championship Tournament and placed 2nd.  She believes in helping athletes stay positive during their developmental stages and focusing on how to respond during challenging times.


Coach Kaminee

Having worked with children as a pre school teacher, Kaminee enjoys being able to teach kids and watch them grow and learn!

She has always loved volleyball and has played rec, made the school team as well as particpated in club.

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