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10103 US HWY 1
Port St Lucie


Designed to give an athlete

more time to develop specific skill sets

to advance their game to the next level.



Our day camps provide a vast of

knowledge from drills to exercise, 

to repetitive practice 

to help build muscle memory


10097 U.S. HWY 1

Port St. Lucie

All skill sets welcome

Ages 8-17

Volleyball Clinic 

Ages 5-10

Oct 1



Athletes are asked to bring

water and healthy snacks.

Concessions are available.

Don't forget knee pads and  supportive shoes.



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Our 4 hour clinics provide

 structured playing time

with direction using drills

and exercise to help improve skill set.

1st- Sat of the month - Serving

2nd Sat - Passing

3rd Sat - Setting and Spiking

4th Sat - Bump, Set, Spike



Kids are encouraged to bring knee pads, supportive shoes, snacks and water

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